Self Service Kiosk

Reduce overhead, decrease wait-times, offer a superior customer experience.

Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

The Club Speed Self Service Kiosk will allow you to expand your facility throughput permanently, save you overhead costs, and give your customer a better experience by reducing your wait times.

With the self service kiosk customer's can:

  • Register themselves and their dependants
  • Sign waivers for the whole family
  • View available activities and their current capacity
  • Purchase spots in those activities
  • Purchase add-on items like food or merchandise

Registration Kiosk

Customers can choose to register through our Facebook integration or without. Electronic Waivers are read, signed and digitally stored for easy future access. Signing up the entire family is done in one simple and easy to follow registration flow.

Reduced Overhead

Self service kiosks never need breaks, insurance, or wage increases. They will work for you dutifully 24/7 and can greatly increase your throughput capacity!

Point of Sale

The Self Service Point of Sale (POS) module was designed to promote a quick and positive interaction for your customer. After completing Registration, they can purchase activities, merchandise, gift cards, food items and more.

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