The Future of Family Entertainment Centers is Now

Leverage the benefits of a complete venue management solution


Point of Sale

We give your staff the tools to quickly and professionally run a variety of activities, events, and parties.

  • Sell merchandise, food, activities, and more.

  • Schedule events and parties.

  • Send automated event quotes, contracts, etc.

  • Track Memberships, benefits and loyalty programs.

  • Access from anywhere in the world!

Automated Marketing + Loyalty Programs

Leverage Clubspeed’s automated emails for marketing or loyalty programs to stay in touch with your customers. Send birthday emails, coupons and promotions based on specific criteria you set such as last visit, date of birth, purchase history and more.

Online Booking

Cut wait times, lower your overhead and give your customers a better experience with more flexibility.

  • Book into any activity.

  • Purchase ad-ons, food, items, exactly what they want.

  • Online Booking works 24/7, with zero upkeep, zero overhead.

Cashless System Integrations

WIth fewer people carrying cash, our software comes pre-integrated with cashless payment options to simplify your customer's check out process and allowing your customers to purchase or recahrge their gaming cards.

Integrated Payments

An integrated payment solution streamlines operations on one easy to use platform. Take advantage of the many benefits of integrated payments such as; faster credit card transactions, decreased human error, Improved security and reduced chargebacks.

  • Eliminate employee errors.

  • Reduce checkout and wait times.

  • Simplify support with out award winning 24/7 support team.

  • Simple setup and a sleek, modern look.

Registration + Digital Waivers

  • Improving efficiency

  • Fast & easy registration process

  • Sign waivers - easy for adults and minors

  • Waiver management is quick for return customers


Our ProSkill ranking system stands alone as the only activity gamification system in the sector. Give your guests the feeling of acheievement, progression, and friendly competition that keeps them coming back.

POS + Scheduling

Our enterprise-grade point of sale and scheduling system allows you to quickly and easily sell products and services, run reports, schedule all the activities you can dream up, and gives you complete control on what's happening at your facility.

Event Booking

The advanced booking wizard gives your event planners and sales people an amazing tool to create intricate event bookings that are all tied into your schedules and POS system, meaning everyone of your employees is on the same page.

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