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As a business owner, you know that staying ahead of the competition is critical for success. By having the right tools and technology to run your business more efficiently, you can drive revenue, streamline operations, and elevate the guest experience. Enter Clubspeed — a cloud-based venue management software that’s purpose-built for you and your entertainment business.

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Shift your activity center up a gear with the complete Clubspeed package

The Clubspeed system is a simple, yet extremely powerful and easy-to-use system for every member of your team. Our solution helps you take care of your customers while collecting valuable insight into their behaviors. Regardless of your specific needs, the world’s most trusted family entertainment platform is here to help you succeed!

Drive Revenue

The entertainment landscape is constantly evolving. You need a venue management system that can keep up with your needs. Clubspeed’s API is flexible and easily adaptable, so you can always be on top of technology as your business grows. Drive revenue and future-proof your business with these forward-thinking features and capabilities.

Touchscreen Point of Sale (POS)

Use the Clubspeed POS kiosk to complete registration, book events, schedule activities, sell merchandise, sell gift cards, log food items, and more!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your customers from one simple-to-use venue CRM. Search the database for contacts, email event confirmations, contact your customers, handle online pre-registration, and more!

Cashless Card Systems

With fewer people carrying cash, our software integrates many cashless payment options to simplify the customer check-out process and allow them to easily purchase or recharge gaming cards.

Online Booking

While many facilities offer activities to walk-in customers, more serious thrill-seekers appreciate the ability to book their activities online at their convenience. Best of all, you can manage all your onsite and online bookings in one easy-to-operate platform.

Gift Card Management

Whether using physical gift cards or e-gift cards, you can manage it all within Clubspeed’s gift-card module. We’ll even handle customizing and printing your physical gift cards, so you can simply focus on selling them.

24x7x365 Support

Clubspeed provides support services to meet a diverse global customer base. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can even provide translation services!

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

No venue management software is complete without access to reporting and analytics. Gain critical business intelligence with custom reports on the key aspects of your sales, marketing, finances and operations. Enjoy customized integration with fiscal printers and software, and much more.

Integrated Credit Card Payments

Our integrated payment processing solution allows you to improve operations and reduce errors. Process credit card transactions faster, and experience fewer chargebacks and elevated security for peace of mind.

Versatile Application Programming Interface (API)

Clubspeed’s API gives you in-depth access to use your data anywhere, anytime! Integrate with your website, add dynamic leaderboards, incorporate 3rd party displays, and more.

Streamline Operations

By automating manual tasks and processes, Clubspeed’s venue management software helps you increase efficiency and frees up time for your staff to focus on providing a great experience to your guests.

Cut Wait Times With a Registration Kiosk

Whether you have a stationary kiosk or iPad registration, Clubspeed’s user platform not only looks great but also reduces wait times, so your guests can get to the fun faster.

Keep in Touch With Automated Marketing

Use automated emails for marketing or loyalty programs to stay in touch with your customers. Send birthday emails, coupons, and promotions based on criteria you set, such as last visit, date of birth, purchase history, and more.

Gift Card & Loyalty Program

Whether using physical gift cards or e-gift cards, you can manage it all within Clubspeed’s gift-card module. We’ll even handle customizing and setup custom rewards programs and turn visitors into loyal, repeat customers. Giveaway points, gifts, or special advantages of your choice. Consistent members will love the special promotions coming their way!

Improve Waiver Management

Create and manage all of your waivers via Clubspeed. We’ve made it a fast and easy process, and it’s even quicker for returning customers! Adults can add minors with one click, allowing an entire family to register in just minutes.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Clubspeed’s inventory management system tracks the sale of tangible goods automatically through the point of sale (POS). Auto-generate orders based on inventory levels to alleviate the overhead of tracking and selling your hard goods. Our full inventory reporting suite helps you understand usage, shrinkage, current levels, and reorder points.

Stress-Free Garage Management

Garage Inventory Management lets you take control of fleet maintenance and inventory. Track the cost of parts and other costs associated with managing your vehicles. With preventative maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and increase the safety of your guests.

Customizable & Automated Reporting

Take your analysis one step further! Set up automated delivery of reports right to your mobile phone. You can even customize these reports based on the data you deem the most important for your business.

Add and Automate Operational Alerts

Maximize the power of your reports with operational alerts. Automate dynamic reports to uncover trends and areas for improvement. For example, send an email alert when you hit a certain amount in revenue or number of guests by the hour.

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Advanced Scheduling & Calendar Management

Schedule any birthday or corporate event with our advanced booking wizard. You can create intricate bookings that work with your team’s schedules and POS system, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Amp Up The Guest Experience

From loyalty programs to online membership management, Clubspeed’s API will help you provide a seamless, engaging experience for your guests from start to finish.

Gamification with a Real-Time Leaderboard

Your guests are fired up and ready to go. Why not amplify their gaming experience with real-time leaderboards, race results, and positions? Clubspeed is not only a game-changer, but also a marketing marvel. Share upcoming races and events, activities, videos, advertisements, and more with this highly versatile software.

Online Customer Portal

Customers can view their stats of the day, week, or month via a live scoreboard, or log in to see their history and skills online. Plus, the customer portal is an effective way to stay in touch with your guests and encourage repeat visits.

Race Timing - ProSkill™

Precise time is a key advantage of our software. Clubspeed integrates with the most popular timing hardware so your team can run races, assign karts, grid by ProSkill™, and even manage tournaments with our software.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Manage physical gift cards or e-gift cards within Clubspeed’s gift card module. We’ll even handle customization and set up your custom rewards programs to turn visitors into loyal repeat customers. Give away points, gifts, or other special offers. Your members are sure to keep coming back for more!

Membership Management

Clubspeed makes it easy to build your customer base and grow recurring revenue. Allow access to special pricing, events, marketing, and member-only benefits. Add automated emails and auto-bill capabilities for seamless maintenance.

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