Less overhead, increased revenue,
and a superior guest experience

How does online booking improve businesses?

Clubspeed’s innovative online booking system offers a quick, easy way for your customers to reserve activities or events from any mobile device.

Dedicated to family entertainment centers worldwide

Through extensive research, Clubspeed has found over 68% of customers would rather book online to save time and energy. Guests will love the ability to create, control, and monitor.

On average, small businesses that leverage Clubspeed’s online booking system increase revenue by 37%. The average user raises ticket prices by 22% with the option of add-on products.

Highly efficient
Clubspeed uses Smart Learning AI to schedule and reduce overhead while increasing the overall power of your system. A few clicks is all it takes to set up a great time for the entire group!

Be where your customers are!

It’s simple. Customers want a better way to book activities; that is exactly why the Clubspeed online booking system was built for users on the go. Last year, 53% of all web traffic was through a mobile device representing an incredible 7500% rise since 2009.

Full customization
Suit your business’ needs with endless options such as multi-activity party packages, relevant add-ons, and more.

A digital edge
Customizable widgets are easily integrated into any website giving you the ability to add online booking to any page.

Locked-in revenue
Instant pay, customized deposits, and payment plans allow you to collect while avoiding costly no-shows.


  • Customizable packages offer multiple activities to one deal
  • Deposit payment allows customers to book without full payment
  • Website widgets are easy to integrate with any business website
  • Re-marketing features allow you to track and target before checkout
  • Real-time schedule availability means your venue never overbooks

When It Comes to Fun, There’s Only One.

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