Drive revenue and reduce cost in
any Family Entertainment Center

Drive revenue and reduce cost in any Family Entertainment Center

We focus on features that help your business drive and maximize revenue with each transaction. Our functionality in online booking, self service kiosk, automated marketing, and even our POS help increase revenue with add-on sales, automated reminders to revisit, even context-aware upsell options. Every feature we craft has your bottom line in our sights.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Use the touchscreen Point of Sale (POS) kiosk to complete registration, book events, schedule activities, sell merchandise, gift cards, food items and more.

Loyalty Program

Reward and foster customer loyalty with the integrated loyalty management system. Award customizable loyalty points based on purchases and allow your customers to purchase items with those points. They can see their progress on receipts, online, and at the POS. Best of all, it’s completely integrated with zero overhead!

Gift Card Management

Whether you use physical gift cards or e-gift cards, you can manage them all within Clubspeed’s gift-card module. We’ll even handle customizing and printing your physical gift cards so all you have to worry about it is selling them.

Cashless Card Systems

With fewer people carrying cash, our software comes pre-integrated with cashless payment options to simplify your customer’s check out process and allowing your customers to purchase or recharge their gaming cards.

Integrated Credit Card Payments

An integrated solution combines payment processing with Clubspeed to provide streamlined operations. Process credit card transactions much faster with decreased human error. Your security increases, while chargebacks are reduced significantly.

Membership Management

Build your customer base and recurring revenue by selling memberships. Allow access to special pricing, events, marketing and member-only benefits. Use alongside automated emails and auto-bill for easy maintenance.

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