Reduced wait time, reduced
overhead, and a better guest

Reduced wait time, reduced overhead, and a better guest experience

Self serve Kiosk
Self serve Kiosk
Karting Software
Karting Software

How can a self-service kiosk help your business?

Clubspeed expands your front-of-house capacity 24/7 with lower wait times, less ongoing cost, and easier checkout flow for your customers.

Improving operations behind any family entertainment center

Clubspeed’s all-in-one approach helps give your guests an easy, pain-free path to family entertainment center fun. Register, sign waivers, choose activities, and pay without any employee interaction.

The inherent inconsistency of the industry can put a strain on your bottom line. Cut the waste and avoid struggling through the rush with an automated, around-the-clock booking system.

Highly efficient
A kiosk increases awareness of the range of additional products and services your beloved venue provides. Adding these critical upgrades to any plan can increase the average ticket price by up to 22%

Keep ahead of the needs of guests!

Visitors to your family entertainment center expect a great day without a stumble. Thankfully, Clubspeed Club Kiosks save time and energy every step of the way! This comprehensive, integrated, 24/7 solution is built to increase the fun without adding overhead.

Full customization
Choose what customers see and have access to while freeing up your staff for the more complicated tasks on your list.

A digital edge
Start with a couple of kiosks and add more as needed; no training or onboarding means you can just plug in and go!

Locked-in revenue
Hands-off credit card processing collects fast payments while reports and analytics show exact kiosk actions.


  • Choose the kiosk that best fits your brand and budget
  • A wide variety of hardware and touchscreen options allow adaptability
  • Sell what you want with a completely customizable interface
  • Increase your average price by offering products for chosen activities
  • Real-time schedule availability means you never overbook

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When It Comes to Fun, There’s Only One.



When it comes to family fun… Clubspeed is the One!