Offer guests an all-in-one solution for registration, waivers, ticketing and payments with a self-service kiosk from Clubspeed.

Self serve Kiosk
Self serve Kiosk
Karting Software
Karting Software

Simplify the Guest Experience

Our Self-Service Kiosks expand your front-of-house capacity 24/7 by reducing wait times and creating an effortless customer checkout flow.

The simple, intuitive touchscreen interface allows guests to browse activities, purchase tickets and memberships, sign waivers and check in, all from one easy-to-use platform.

  • Contactless Registration

    Clubspeed Self-Service Kiosks make guest registration a breeze. Customers can enter their contact information and complete account setup in minutes.

  • Waiver Completion

    Your guests can digitally sign waivers and agreements, eliminating the need for paper forms.

  • Activity Selection

    Guests can search and select activities, classes, lessons and memberships directly from the kiosk.

  • Payment Processing

    Customers can securely pay with credit cards or stored payment information — all through a unified checkout system.

  • Customer Care

    Clubspeed’s Self-Service Kiosks close the loop in customer experience by providing the opportunity to review services and staff.

Build Efficiency Into Your Business Operations

Self-service kiosks and POS systems are a great way to improve efficiency in your operations. By reducing long lines and the need for extra staff, you can create a better experience for everyone.

  • Enjoy Easy Adoption

    Start with a couple of kiosks and add more as needed; no training or onboarding means you can just plug in and go!

  • Automate Booking

    Cut the waste and avoid struggling through the rush with an automated, around-the-clock booking system.

  • Boost Revenue

    A self-service kiosk increases awareness of your products and services, boosting your average ticket price by as much as 22%!

  • Cut Employee Costs

    Reduce staffing costs without sacrificing customer service. Self-service kiosks can handle registration and booking from start to finish.

  • Enable Transactions

    For businesses that need more than just ticketing or check-in services, our self-service POS system seamlessly integrates with Club Kiosk to provide guests with a secure, contactless payment option.

  • Collect Consumer Insights

    Each kiosk collects valuable analytics, giving you insight into customer behavior and allowing you to make smart business decisions.

Club Kiosk Features

Easily customize your kiosks! With features like barcode scanning and ticket printing, Club Kiosks can adapt to meet your business needs.

  • Choose the kiosk that best fits your brand and budget
  • Enjoy a variety of hardware and touchscreen options
  • Sell what you want with a completely customizable interface
  • Increase your average sale by offering related products for activities
  • Eliminate overbooking with real-time schedule availability

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