Deliver exciting videos around the
world to generate more revenue

Why use videos to highlight races, activities, and events?

Clubspeed’s Action Camera System automatically generates personalized creations that organically generate interest in your family entertainment center, connecting your products and services to a wider audience.

Digitization gives your visitors the experience they deserve! High-quality 4K resolution cameras and long-range RFID readers are strategically placed around your track or activities.

Guests purchase custom branded RFID wristbands from you and wear them while racing or participating. Activities are saved and can be enjoyed by anyone for many years to come!

Highly efficient
Sharing personalized highlight videos of races and activities is easy! A single, exciting highlight reel is delivered directly to guests through mobile devices, televisions, email, and QR-coded results.

Stay up-to-date with the guest’s desires

Clubspeed’s video delivery system has zero overhead and uploads videos in real-time. Guests may swipe their wristband immediately after an activity to watch the action on a local TV. The video will be automatically inserted into a result sheet and is delivered immediately via email.

Full customization
Add logo and colors to a custom wristband design or create a video reel for your company’s branding purposes.

A digital edge
Share through social media via a guest’s mobile phones to make a huge impact on your marketing efforts.

Locked-in revenue
Wristbands can be used as membership/gift cards; add money or credit with a simple swipe at the terminal


  • RFID wristbands allow you to track your customer activity performance
  • 4K digital cameras deliver exciting and high-resolution videos
  • Shareability via social media gives lets guest take the fun home
  • Customize what video you want the system to automatically create
  • More content helps you expand your grassroots marketing campaign

When It Comes to Fun, There’s Only One.

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