Family entertainment centers (FECs) are on the rise and whether you offer a single activity or you are already offering multiple activities, you’re likely feeling the demand to offer your guests more. Maximizing revenue per square foot is key to growing your business and attracting a loyal customer base. Here are a few tips on how to expand your family entertainment center. 

Adding FEC Activities

Consider your target audience
Your business is your brand and the audience you attract will largely depend on the activities you have available. If you are looking to stay true to family entertainment, make sure you have activities for a range of ages. The more accommodating you are, the longer your guests will stay and the more money they will spend.

Keep your Facility Current 

Newer, cutting edge activities and games will attract a broader audience. Virtual reality attractions continue to grow in popularity and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your available space. Arcade games generate more revenue. Check out this blog post to learn why.

Full Restaurant & Bar

You already have one?
If you already have a full restaurant and bar, your average visit per guest is likely longer than FECs that don’t. So make this part of the overall experience – engaging and energetic. Keep your menu current and provide options for a range of ages including a kids menu. Make room for TV screens and add more if you can. Airing sports casts will also keep your guests staying longer and spending more money. Consider using a few of your TV screens for leaderboards, announcements and promotions.

You want one? 
If you are thinking of adding a restaurant or cafe, try and keep the location central to other activities. This will keep your guests engaged and parents will have peace of mind if they can see their kids nearby. Some locations will situate their restaurant on a 2nd story overlooking watch-worthy activities like a go-karting track or a bowling alley. 

Look at Available Space Both Indoors & Outdoors

Consider the optimal layout for your space and the variety of attractions you’d like to offer. Do you have additional space outside or can you tap into an extra large parking lot to add mini golf or seasonal attractions?  While you look for activities to add, also consider removing activities that don’t provide a return or sell well.  You can also cut down on the space of existing activities in order to make room for new ones. For example you could shorten your karting track or build up to gain floor space. Vertical activities like rock climbing or indoor playgrounds can also help maximize your space. You can also build up with activities like a ropes course that can go above other activities or arcade games. 


Diversifying your activity center will enable you to create experiences that improve customer loyalty and increase your revenue. While it will certainly take a larger upfront investment, the growth will pay off in the long term, increase customer spend per visit, and maximize your revenue per square foot.

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