An integrated payment solution offers you the ability to combine payment processing with other tools used to run your business. While it can be daunting trying to understand payment technology, an integrated solution provides you with streamlined operations so your team can focus on what matters most. 

To make sense of it all, here are the top benefits for using an integrated payment solution for your karting or family entertainment center.

  1. Decreased User Error
    With external credit card processing, entering transactions can be a cumbersome process for a business and its customers. It requires the business to manually re-enter the transaction back into their point of sale including the dollar amount and the reference/transaction number. The degree of human error involved in a redundant and manual process is significant, not to mention the delay your customers experience waiting in line or at the counter.

  2. Strengthen Security
    As shocking as it may seem, lost money, lost or stolen login credentials, hacked servers and unprocessed tips are just a few of the overwhelmingly common security breaches so many businesses are faced with. With the right integrated payment solution, security features such as 3D Secure (3DS) can mitigate your risk to these liabilities and also satisfy your regulatory requirements to adhere to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Regulations vary by region, so make sure your provider is proactively helping you stay in compliance and lowering your risk.

  3. Online Booking / E-Commerce
    For Karting and Family Entertainment Centers interested in allowing their customers to book online or sell online merchandise, they require an integrated payment gateway. Utilizing an integrated payment solution like Clubspeed enables businesses to operate using one complete venue management solution.

  4. Data Compliance
    Staying on top of regulatory compliance can be a challenge for any business furthermore, it can be a huge distraction from growing your business. Your payment solution provider will take the heavy lift to ensure your business is compliant with the latest regulatory changes such as PCI, GDPR and PSD2.

  5. Reconciliation of Financial Reports
    Have you talked to your accounting department lately? If you do, you will quickly learn the nightmare they experience trying to reconcile payments processed externally. An integrated payment processing solution gives accounting the ability to view detailed reports including a credit card breakdown for each card-present transaction.

  6. Reduced Chargebacks
    Another major benefit of the security included with an integrated payment solution comes the reduction of chargebacks. With 3D Secure, customer authentication increases resulting in decreased chargebacks and the additional cost associated with them resulting in huge cost savings for the business.

  7. Enable Recurring Billing/Payments
    Your business can take advantage of the added flexibility of utilizing recurring billing features for monthly memberships, VIP passes or any other use your business may require.

  8. Hardware
    An integrated payment solution will also provide you with the latest and greatest hardware allowing your business to accept cashless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. The hardware and cashless payment options will vary by provider. Also, your customers can sign or re-sign waivers directly from the payment devices.

  9. Consolidation of Providers The fewer number of vendors you have to work with, the easier it is for your company to focus on its core business. With Clubspeed’s payment solution, our technical support team can also troubleshoot the majority of issues that arise with payment terminal hardware which greatly streamlines the process to a quick resolution.